air salons in Beverley

air salons in Beverley


Last minute prom inspiration

Teens! Prom season is upon us!

On prom night, you absolutely deserve to look (and feel) next-level-beautiful – from head to toe.

Whether you’re going for elegant, edgy or romantic, we’ve ploughed through the latest trends to help you seek inspiration.


The base is your blank canvas. Any Makeup Artist worth their salt knows, good makeup starts with a flawless, faultless base.

But then comes the big question – fresh faced or heavy contour?  Full coverage or light? Our Makeup Team say  when it comes to the base, there are many, many factors to consider – skin type, lighting and what kind of look you are hoping to achieve  overall.


Contouring uses bronzer or color darker than your skin tone to create and put emphasis on natural shadows in the face, giving a more distinct, angular appearance. A good contour will completely transform your bone structure.


Strobing is simply fun term for highlighting – but with a little extra... Strobing will give you a dewy, shimmer and super fresh faced glow.

Sheer coverage; 

Because skin is always in – so why not dare to go bare?...


This can prove to be a tricky one.... What colours will suit me? What colour will match my lips? What will match my outfit?

Blue eyes;

For beautiful blues, opt for browns, gold’s, peaches and pinks. These colours are great for complimenting and accentuating bold blues making them really stand out.

Green eyes;

Pretty green eyes go mauve! We’re talking plums, purples and deep pinks.

Brown eyes;

You lucky, lucky people! With beautiful brown eyes , really anything goes! From crisp, golden earthy shades to pretty pastels let your imagination run free!

When it comes to finishing off your makeup, the main key is to indentify your skin tone. 
The easiest way to do this is to look at the veins on your wrists. Are they blue?

If so then you have a pink undertone. If they appear more green – you have a warmer, yellow undertone.
If they appear to be a combination of both you are the lucky owner of ‘neutral’ skin – and any colour goes!
Whichever colour you opt for in the end, do take a look at your outfit choice to determine your chosen shade.  

Lips for a pink undertone; 

Lips for a yellow undertone; 

Lips for a neural undertone; 

Hair ​

Looking for the perfect prom style to match your dress? We’ve rounded up the most gorgeous celebrity styles to give you a last minute, help in hand to find your ultimate style.

Short hair ​

Mid length hair  ​

Long hair ​

Seek more inspiration?.... Find it on our Pinterest page!  Or to see how it's done in our salon, follow us on Facebook. 

Happy Prom night! XxX 


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