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Am I doing the right thing for my skin?...

No skin type is the same and is forever changing as the result of many, many different factors.

So many of us think we know what we’re trying to achieve when it comes to caring for our skin.

It may be something specific like calming an oily, blemish prone complexion – but does that mean that’s definitely your skin type? Is that the only reason you’re breaking out?...

Skin type can (and often does) fluctuate.

Hormones, stress, lifestyle, environmental factors, and weather can all change the way your skin handles the day to day pressures.

So, although yes, you may for instance have oily skin, it could be your skin is also deeply dehydrated – therefore creating excess oils to compensate... a very common misconception and just one example of how you could be unintentionally mistreating your skin without realising.

Personally prescribed skincare is the absolute way forward for your skin to be the best in can be!

Facial mapping technology of ELEMIS Skinlab fulfils your skin care requirements in a way that evolves with your ever changing demands.   

During an ELEMIS Skinlab consultation a hands on, expert ELEMIS Skincare Therapist will really get a comprehensive understanding of your lifestyle and really take the time to listen to your skin care concerns.

Combine this with their incredible facial mapping technology they will be able to asses, analyse and prescribe what the next step in caring for your skin should be.

Take full advantage of this opportunity... for one day only, De Lacy Hair & Beauty will have an ELEMIS Therapist on site in their own Skinlab – Thursday 31st August 2017 – appointments between 9am – 5pm.

A 15 minute consultation is just £10.00-redeemable against an ELEMIS Biotec Target Facial or any two ELEMIS Products (when booked and purchased on the day.)  

For more details, ask us at Reception - or inbox one of our Therapists on Facebook. 

Get to know your skin – it’ll thank you for it...



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