air salons in Beverley

air salons in Beverley


Why you should definitely get a massage... soon!

Massages aid the mind body and soul.

In fact they’re one of the oldest healing traditions and are considered a great part of complementary and alternative medicine. 

Don’t underestimate the power of massage!

So Why have one?....

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety, panic attacks and depression come with physical reactions and effect more and more of us everyday.

Sufferers often suffer palpitations, shortness of breath, headaches and often find it difficult to cope with everyday situations.

Massage, particularly when combined with aromatherapy oils, challenges the body into ‘relaxation mode’ reducing tension, lowering hear rate and effortlessly encouraging the mind and body to feel calm again.

Studies suggest that massage has significant effects when it come to alleviating symptoms of depression.

By reducing stress and building the trust between client and therapist the body releases ‘trust hormone’ oxytocin.

The relaxation response also increases serotonin levels, giving you a natural mood boost.

Improves Circulation

Massage is thought to improve blood & lymph circulation. The manipulation of soft tissue is released as part of the relaxation response as mentioned earlier. Improving circulation enhances delivery of oxygen and much needed nutrients to muscle cells. An increase in blood flow and circulation will benefit your heart health, health as a whole enhance metal performance and boost the immune system.

Eases Pain & Tension

This is often  the most frequent reason why so many people today book in for a massage.

At some time or another, you are likely to experience back, neck or shoulder pain.

 With repetitive strain injury becoming a common problem predominantly desk job workers and general aches and pains that can be caused by something as trivial as twisting or bending a certain way.

Massage has be linked to decreased stiffness or pain and there’s little doubt that a good ‘rub-down’ can only be a good thing for tiered or over worked muscles.

Improves Sleep

If you’ve ever had to resist the urge to nod off on the massage table then you’ll understand why massage aids a healthy sleep.

Massage has a hugely positive effect on the brains ‘delta waves.’  A delta wave is a high frequency brain wave that has been recorded when the body is in deep sleep mode.

Boosts Immune System

Many studies have suggested that stress reducing powers of massage supports the immune system.

Reduced stress and the fore mentioned anxiety can have positive immune boosting effects on the body.

Ease Headaches

Like muscle pain and tension head pains and migraines can be eased with gentle massage and prove even more effective when complemented with the right aromatherapy oils.

Again, most headaches are commonly associated with stress and tension so as little as a 30 minute massage can often be enough to ease symptoms.

For Baby and Mum

Regular massage during pregnancy has been said to lead to a faster recovery time after delivery.

Not only that but massage can assist in easing muscle, joint and nerve pain from late stages of pregnancy.

As mentioned above, all the positive hormones released and stress reducing chemicals in the brain can only be a great thing for not only Mum but baby too!




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